Fellah keeps a Top secret from Zora and Family

For the whole of their life in marriage till Simba is a grown up, ,,, Fellah has kept a top secret away from his family. Just a few disclosed, ,,

  1. Fellah had a child before Simba.
  2. Fellah owns a big Bar in town something that his family and wife has never noticed.
  3. Fellah of Citizen Tv show is a Thug and he walks with a gun. He threatened his own son Simba(Lion)
  4. Today Zora has just discovered that Fellah owned many houses in Nairobi.

Who Simba’s Grand Mother is?

Fellah’s mother is too secretive. She managed to keep all secrets from Zora and Simba.

Nana of Citizen Tv show

Nana’s good work is going to be in vein. This comes after a bad character is shared to Madiba. She is now believed to be a home breaker and now she will be on watch by Madiba and Oliver.

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