Madiba and Kwame

Madiba cracks a joke with Kwame. Kwame doesn’t know how to put on the fire. Madiba flashbacks how people used to treat them at the Chibale’s during that time Oliver was still in politics.

Everyone wanted to associate himself or herself with them whenever they were on their way to town or back home but now nobody wants to know about their whereabouts because of the state they are in.

People are now calling the Chibale’s as poison.

He asks Kwame how people view politicians lives and think they live a good life but who knows they themselves and whatever they are going through.

Lilah and Filah request to be taken to their Grandparents.

” Now look we asked you to take us to our grandparents but you refused. What if you were short! what could we have done as your children! Look we are telling you for the last time and you must act, take us to our shosh or we find our way out of here,” the girls commented.

Madiba sinks into deep thoughts.

At Masters Home lies Fidi on the floor.

Hamida arrives with pipi and lift Fidi back to her seat. She feels sorry for that. As they are in the process Pipi disappears. She breaks the news of matter arrest and requests Hamida to go and check on pipi.

Zalena and Madiba discusses

Madiba and Zelena have a discussion all the request of the grandchildren. Madiba is asked not allow them go to their grandparents because once they get there they may never come back. Making it worse they may also decide to Sue Madiba for killing his wife. Madiba puts his hands on his head showing that he is now worried.

At Fellahs Home

Pipi brings the bad news of his father’s arrest. Zora calls and notifies them of pipi. This makes them drop their worry. Fidi eats. Fellah calls the police station request to know about Master. He is told the two who stole a phone from a very powerful English man whose body was retrieved from the river. They may have a murder case to answer. Zora says Master is a good person. Fellah promises to follow up the story.

At Papa Freddy’s Mansion

He requests the love affair and he will give her a two million discount. Zalena refuses the offer and promises to pays the full amount.

Milton is drunk. He breaks his Millionaire news

Milton is crazy about the deal of depositing 5M and getting a refund of 10M. Nana laughs asking how it can happen in Nairobi.

Milton also breaks the news of his new love. He describes her as Intelligent, Funny and Beautiful. Nana feels envious.

Fidi asks for hamidas favour to keep her family after she dies. Hamida promises even she accepts to stay with Pipi.

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