Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow Monday 23rd August 2021 Full Episode released. Are you ready to find out what will happen next.

Viusasa latest Episode 23rd DOWNLOAD

From Viusasa, we come across Madiba and Nana. The two are to establish a strong relationship. We have also discovered from the previous episodes that Madiba is not a biological son to Oscar Chibale.

This is evident from Lorettas message to Nana. “I see you have feelings for Madiba,,,, but you could be on a safer side if you were on Kwames side ,,,,, .

Why Nana and Madibas relationship may not work? Zora Citizen Tv show today?

Just to find out from the Literacy point of view,,,, we get three major reasons as to why the relationship may not work:

  1. Chibale the father is also after her.
  2. Nana is just hectic.
  3. Yola won’t let it happen.
Madiba making love with Nana
Madiba making love with Nana.
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