Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow full Episode 14th July 2021 – Viusasa Narration

Nana ft Fellah and Salon

In the previous Episode we find Nana in the salon. She realizes the salon has been rebranded to Zoras. She is shocked by the New brand hence asking who suggested that. On the contrary, ,,, she sees Fellah on the counter, ,, just to ask who he is?

Hamidah and Zora of Zora Citizen Tv show

“That is the boss.” One of the workers answered.

Nana went crazy, ,,, the headed to Zora’s home. With the anger she passed the hidden message to Zora.

Do you think it is good for a man to be that secretive?

  1. Hidden houses
  2. Bars
  3. Now,,, The Salon
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