Zalena knows very well who killed her daughter Inlaw. She went to Kwames house and found her lying in a pool of blood.

This came as a result After Kwame pushed her back in the event losing her life. Zalena worked smart with Kwame her Son and Yola faking up an accident.

Zalena pretends that she has really been shocked after Oliver received a Phone call from the police. She also acts the same on Madiba when she was having a conversation with someone on phone and eventually Madiba came in to the room.

Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow Full Episode 12th July 2021

Zora Citizen Tv Tomorrow Full Episode 11th July 2021 - Viusasa Now

Fellah and his Mganga

Fellah after noticing that the witch doctor’s deal had no impact on his relationship with Zora,,,, he goes back and bits up him.

He is so embarrassed with Simba’s prank information that Zora has a Bazenga who comes home with big vehicles.

Madiba and Death

Alma’s Death overwhelms Madiba. She was one of the closest people to him. Madiba after being informed about Alma’s death he reminds them that Alma could not be that foolish. Be he just had to accept.

“Alma! Of all the people Alma has just gone home sober,,, where did she pass to get a drink? Why and how could she be that foolish?”

He Reacted
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