Zora Citizen Tv show that airs on a National television channel is one of the eye catching Films and most watched in the country. It comprises of many characters just to mention

Zora Citizen Tv actor and actresses Names

  1. Kwame
  2. Yola
  3. Zora
  4. Madiba
  5. Zalena
  6. Loreta
  7. Oscar
  8. Oliver
  9. Alma
  10. OG, Ogola
  11. Nana
  12. Simba
  13. Master
  14. ETC

As Kwame kills His wife Alma this is a clear indication that some characters are starting to Quit the show since they will never appear again in reality but in flashbacks.

From the death incident,,, Yola knows exactly what happened. From that secret she will keep, she will capitalise on in to manipulate anything she wants from the Oliver’s family. More so on Kwame and Zalena

Characters that have quit the show

  1. Alma

Other Shows mostly watched in Kenya

  1. Danga – Utv
  2. Afro Cinema – Citizen TV
  3. Kenyan Movies- K24
  4. Mr Chairman – Utv
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