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Zora today

Part 1

Kwame disagrees with mother over disappointment. The two have a turf discussion but later Zalena discloses the news about the death of The shopkeeper. He was killed by Alma.

She points out to have seen many deaths but this one fir the shopkeeper was terrifying. Alma set a dog to feed on him.

As the Episode continues rolling we find Simba teaching Mama Zora how to milk a cow. The phone rings from kamau who has delivered some foodstuffs for the chicken. Simba leaves instructions for Mama zora to clean up the chicken Place though she is so poor in working. She fails to clean.

Kwame is now a free man. He has now said the thing that was burning up his heart but since he has said, kwame informs Madiba that he is now OK and free to enjoy life.

He terms Alma as the most faithful woman he has never seen on this world. He plans to divorce Yolah and split the 1% if she needs to.

Part 2

Mzee Simba is now very arrogant to his fellow old men. He asks them to leave his marriage and life alone.

Mzee Simba returns back home only to find out that Mama Zora has not delivered. She claims to have some allergy with bad smell.

Hodan the undercover police goes to the grave yard. She questions the caretaker to reveal who opened the grave. He fails and threatens back but after she pulled out the gun he decides to spill the seeds.

Only before he says the name of the person a motorist shoots him. What will she do now with no truth and information?

Hodan reports the matter to her boss the undercover working as a gate man at Chibale’s Mansion Mr Ogola.

OCS Too calls Zalena informing her about the shooting. Immediately Boaz enters uninvited.

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