Part 1

Zora citizen tv show part 1 starts by Hamida’s disagreement with Zora. It happens when Zora intervention on their relationship with Master. She vows not to bother herself with anyone.

“Sitaki kuskia la mwadini wala la mteka making msikitini.” Hamida says. She picks a broom and starts sweeping the compound.

Yolas vehicle is taken away. She found two bouncers who were sent by her lover. This happened after Yolah got another person’s pregnancy.

“Give them the keys before things get out of hand.” He speaks on phone.

Madiba welcomes the family to the new home. Although it is not a pleasant place, Filah and Lilah are so bitter about it. They call the home as pathetic.

As Zora show 23rd episode continues Yolah questions her mother over the witchcraft results. The vehicle has been taken away and lost the Yolah brand ambassador job. As she questions Yolah gets a stomach pain and rushed to hospital.

Madiba now set to start afresh. He shows Kwame the piece of land left to him by Gerald. Although he has shown him the piece but advices him to sell in order to hire a lawyer in the case of Almas death. Part one ends.

Part 2

Yolah receives a call on breaking news. This interrupts their discussion with her husband Fellah. She receives a help plea from her mother concerning Yolah’s health condition. Zora washes her hands from helping. She says she is only concerned with her Nuclear family.

Loretta on the other hand is thoughtful after seeing Alma. She breaks the news to Nana. Loretta says she saw her when she had gone to see Boaz the previous day. Nana fails to believe. Milton cuts them short asking the entire to be concerned with things that bother their issues. As he is speaking Milton receives the news and rushes to the hospital.

Fyata too breaks her miscarriage news to Mzee Simba. This had happened during their disagreement moments with Simba. The two comfort each other. Milton arrives at the hospital and briefed on what happened. Thereafter Milton enters the operation room.

Kwame introduces Lilah and Filah to Mzee Simba. The two girls are surprised with Mzee Simba’s size of the house. Madiba too informs Simba about there relocation with family. They are welcome warmly.

Milton comes from the Theatre room with sad news. He cries bitterly, “We Lost Yolah.” Part 11 ends.

Zora citizen tv 24th November 2021 full episode coming soon.

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