Happening in the show.

1. Detective questions Yola for the second time.

Yolah in the 20th episode had gone to Nana’s House and threatened her. She informed Detective where by he went to chibales home and warned Yolah over her move.

2. Loretta too is threatened by Yolah

In the questioning process Auntie Loretta too revealed that Yolah had threatened her too. She was told by Yolah to be prepared for a rough time once the Will is read.

3. Mama patience picks her daughter.

Mama patience who happens to be the X- Wife to fellah come back for her daughter. Patience is the sister to Simba. She had been brought home just to enjoy some good time with the family. Patience exchanges numbers with Zora.

Fellah takes her X wife for an outing

Fellah too has started regretting his actions that lead to breaking with Zora. He requests her availability for an outing to a nice place. Zora avails her self. Will they remarry?

Fellah takes Juice instead of Alcohol, has he changed for real?

During the outing with Zora, fellah calls for water instead of Alcohol. But in the action he asks for an excuse. Fellah goes for a short call. What has he gone to prepare?

Kwame warns Loretta

Kwame warns Loretta. He asks her to start learning how to stay with Yolah and partner with her.

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