Zora now happens to be the most viewed Telenovela in the country. It has best of the best chosen talented actors across the country. From the very first Episode to the latest all the seasons have been hot. Every show leaves viewers with the taste just to continue watching.

Many can’t wait for the day to watch via television,,, they end up visiting Viusasa where they subscribe and watch the latest show Ahead of everyone else.

As the shows unfold we gain more information on how everything is moving on. The top characters for now are Madiba and Oliver. The two are not in good terms because of love triangle with Nana. Oliver loves Nana very much and madiba showed some interest but later failed because of Zora.

Madiba’s Real Farher

Madibas real father is not Oliver. We get this after Madiba discovered the whereabout of his father. This happened after the two had gone to seek parental guidance from Zoras father. Unfortunately he finds him in bad state and dies.

On discovery the relationship between Hom and Oliver spoils. Oliver throws him out of his house.

Zora is the only Rescue for Madiba

After he tries to get house cash for house, poor Madiba finds out that his accounts have been frozen. He decides the only option is Zora. He takes his two daughters Lila and Fillah to his love Zora.

He also goes tho the father’s funeral where he promised to give his father a descent Burial.

On the other hand Zalena Cries for breaking up with her love. She says she could have got time and say goodbye.

Reason why Zora Citizen Tv show is the best.

  1. It is rated G.E
  2. It has easy to understand 3 language.
  3. Original
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