Zora Citizen Tv show now takes a new journey. Zora finds her father whom they had parted for a long time.

Zora after visiting her,, she find him with a new wife a woman who attended to them when they were applying for his pension.

The new mother at home promises Zora that the love between her and Father is genuine and not because of riches. She also promises never to change for whatever reason.

Zora makes a bigger mistake. She takes some of the gifts from her father and step mother to her mother. Zora’s mother goes Crazy.

She orders Pastor to inform her the whereabout of her Husband something that Pastor and Zora denies telling. “Ukimwambia mama yako alipo babako,,, Atawavuruga na kuharibu mahusiano mema walionayo na mama” Pastor tells Zora.

At Oliver’s home things just got messy. Madiba relationship with Nana brings disagreement between family members. One,,,, Yola and Kwame are now in quarrels. This is as a result after Nana disqualified Yolahs worry about wearing Madibas Clothes. She asks her how she will worry if she sees her with Kwames Clothes.

Alma, Nana, Yolah, and Kwame

The gateman Ogola too faces the wrath after popping his issues into the love affairs in front of the whole family. Ogolla is asked to pack his own bags and leave. Madiba gets the other side of his father after he goes against his father’s decision.

The Zora Citizen Tv show is one of the catchy Telenovela programmes in the country.

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