Zora citizen tv Tomorrow 18th November 2021 Full Episode 1 & 2 – Free

We appreciate the fact that Zora the citizen tv show is acted and produced by Kenyans. Zora show has many things that happen in the society and this is why we say art is the mirror of the society.

Things that happen in real life and too happen in the show.

  • Ladies playing brothers without them noticing. Brothers may end up to disagree for life.
  • Mothers abandoning their children because of wealth search. Mama zora abandoned Yolah despite the bitterness of rape which we are not sure if it was rape or through mutual agreement.
  • Parents can stay for so long without disclosing to them who their biological parents are.
  • Bad behaviour can make your child to disagree and hate you forever.

Some of things that make you lose respect among your children and family.

  1. Drunkardness
  2. Irresponsible lifestyle
  3. Unfaithfulness
  4. Poor communication skills
  5. Poor dressing
  6. Carelessness

In order to earn a respectful life one must first respect himself or her self. From the Zora show we find Mama Zora being hated by Her daughter because of her lifestyle. Yolah too will not be in good terms with her younger sister Zora if she follows her mother’s bad behaviour.

We also flashback the kind of life Fellah leaved before. This made the family break apart hence Simba hating him with passion. Things changed after he changed his lifestyle.

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