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Zora Citizen Tv Today’s Full Episode October 2021 – FREE DOWNLOAD


What is Zora citizen Tv Show?

Zora is a Citizen tv show. It is acted in Kenya by Kenyans. The show has different characters who present themselves in either English or Kiswahili Language.

When and where is Zora show aired?

The show is aired on a national TV. Citizen. It is a show owned by the famous news anchors namely Lulu Hassan and her Husband ie core worker Rashid Abdallah. They also owned the previous Maria show that was also played on the same channel.

This has helped grow and develop different talents in the country. Talents uplifted include:

  1. Acting out different characters in the society.
  2. Singing
  3. Video production
  4. Video directors
  5. Make up workers
  6. Video recording and editing
  7. Sounds production

Those are just but some of the talents behind the success of the show. Zora is a famous show played on Citizen tv every week day after Nipashe news.

Watch Zora at 7.30 – 8.10 PM

How to download free Zora citizen show?

Is is very easy to download and watch Zora show at your own convenient time. You can download and store it in your phone gallery.

To download you have to have paid for a subscription package on VIUSASA which is only 30/=. After subscription you can now watch online via Viusasa App and save on your phone, Computer, Tablet etc

Where can you watch zora?

One you have downloaded the video show, you can watch it anywhere from your phone

  • While travelling
  • While sleeping
  • While in a playground
  • At work
  • While resting
Who are the major characters in the show?
1. Zora
2. Madiba
3. Kwame
4. Yola
5. Lilah and Fillah


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