Zora Citizen Tv part 1

Zalena distances herself from Loretta’s claims. She is not at ease after experiencing the kind of relationship they had before. Oscar asks Loretta to stop giving Zalena pressure.

This part is bettered on the signing of the the will. All the parties agree to place their signatures except Milton. Lawyer encourages him to do it anytime he is comfortable since all the requirements will be executed soon.

Zora Part 2

Oscar finds a rough time to explain how Milton is his son. He opens up how he was jailed for 30 Years and after being set free his he found his father in a critical condition. This forced him to forget about anything else and the hunt for the only child making him the first priority.

Zora after going missing she comes to warn Loretta. She also urges Madiba to let her be since she is very happy in her marriage. Zalena after hearing this she is force to throw harsh statements to each other.

Simba Calls.: Simba calls and information Hamida Zora’s whereabouts. He explains Zora’s critical illness and How she lost her pregnancy.

Zalena on the other hand explains to Kwame how the Oscar is the biological father to Milton and how she got the information. Kwame still insists Zalena to make sure every true statement is set out to avoid further claims on property and inheritance.

Zora Meets Hamida: Zora tricks every one including her husband about her missing. She lies visiting Hamida but in real sense she had gone to warn Loretta. Fellah receives a call after he had decided to search for his wife.


Oscar comes back as Zalena’s support. Oscar asks his sister to stop lectures and let him bond with his son.

Indeed Oscar is having a hard time. Milton won’t take it at all. He warns Oscar not to go anywhere closer to him. He also Denies being his son. Milton goes to an extent of calling Oscar as mad and crazy.

“Mimi sikutambui, na usiwahj kuniita mtoto wako tena!”

Nana and Madiba is a big lie. She rejects Madiba terming him as undecided. This is after the restlessness Madiba gets after seeing Zora.

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