Breaking News outlines in the show as the Episodes continue rolling. This are News within a show that zora citizen tv lovers may not have realised or are still thinking about without having a clear conclusion.

1. Talia And Her father killed The famous politician and dumbed his body at the construction site.

After the two gather evidence to Alma’s death Talia disagree with his father over the revenge. Boaz urges his daughter to follow the right legal channel which is through the court. Talia doesn’t receive this positively hence goes to an extent of insulting his own Father.

Talia uses all the suggestions against his father terming him as a mentally ageing person. She also abuses her to be a man with no strategies. Through their arguments we come to discover that the two were involved in Oliver’s Death.

2. Twin Sister news

Boaz also suggests breaking the news to Kwame. It’s time kwame to be aware his wife died and the alive one is her twin sister.

3. Zalena Receives Visitors

Loretta and Milton pay Zalena, Kwame and Madiba a visit. This is Loretta’s aim to pull them back to Oliver’s House.

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