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1. Filah refuses to go back home

The two girls after escaping now have nothing to take them back home. Lilah tries to convince her little sister but all in vain.

This is after the argument started between their grandmother and Teacher Nana.

2. Utanitambua –

Zalena the wife to Oliver now threatens Nana will face it rough incase the children are not found.

3. At the hospital

Zora faces it harsh. Mama Zora claims zora is behind what she is passing through. She claims her daughter has never been to her comfort. Mama Zora flashbacks the ups and downs they have been through with Zora -: “Umeniroga, na haujawahi nipenda, ulujataa kuhudhuria mazishi ya Yolah.” She claims.

Mama Zora burns down Zoras heart till he cannot bear it. She tries to distance herself with this whole accusations.

Lilah Seeks Simba’s Assistance

Lilah and Filah decide to seek Simba’s advice after making up their mind not to go back home. At first he is hesitant and can’t help but at longlast he takes them to the ghetto.

Simba, Lilah and Filah

The two girls ask for ther mothers sign. They are confused and stressed.

3. Madiba can’t control it

Madiba after getting the news about the missing of children, Madiba Disrespect his mother he pushes her away as he finds his way out of the Mansion. He promises his mother to see nightmares if she dares play around with children.

Madiba speaks, “Mum I swear if you play around with my children, utaona nightmares,” He pushes his mother. “Unanisukuma Madiba unanisukuma, umesahau mimi ni mama yako!” She cries

Madiba storms Nana’s house shouting Lilah and Filah…..

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