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Today we are analysing Zora of 8th October. The family is fully interrogated over the whereabout of Oliver. In this episode :

  1. Nana – She explains how she became the new lover to Oliver. She totally swears to Detective that she doesn’t know where Oliver is despite the vehicle being found at her gate. The phone and car keys too were found in Oliver’s car.
  2. Loretta: Loretta also explains what she knows. She pours the truth to Detective about the family relationship. Also she explains the bad relationship the two lovers Oliver and Zalena had. Auntie Loretta then opens the beginning of the relationship after the marriage failed.

As the show continues we find Loretta taking Detective to Muheshimiwas compound where he is to interrogate 1. Kwame, 2. Madiba 3. Zalena 4. Yola 5. Ogola

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