In our Episode today 5th August we come across Zora, Visiting the cemetery where her brother was buried. She finds her mother at the same place regretting.

At the same place Fellah is also somewhere watching over as Mother, son, and Daughter hug each. He flashbacks what his mother told him to forget about calling her his mother. Will they Reconcile?

Nana on the other hand gets it rough from Oliver. He asks why she had to tell Loretta about their relationship. Nana faces Loretta but she assured her that whatever goes on ,,,, she has her eyes all over and watching.

“We must investigate Madiba and how he killed his wife. Your children are also supposed to be here and witness” Madiba told.

Madiba is told this after he is assured by his father to investigate the death of Kwame’s wife.

New Characters appear. Master gets his child at the gate waiting.

“But we ni aje? Kwani umesahau Mkidi wako? Mathe ni mngori” The boy asks in sheng’ Language.

His mother had sent him to his father. The two had broken up in love. Will this hinder master from Proposing to Hamidah?
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