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Zora Citizen TV Today 3rd November 2021 Full Episode



Zora show tomorrow carries alot to talk about. As us begins we find Mzee Simba the father to Zora washing clothes at mama Zora’s house.

The two testify the kind of love they are seeing. Proverb: Love with no reaches is the real love.

Mama Zora claims she will be rich one day. Mzee Simba promises to send The other wife away. Almas Father gets Zalenas Right hand man and orders for his capture and be taken to the chamber.

Pipi Visits Zimba. At the same time Fellah takes Zora to visit his mother.

Other Happenings in the show

  1. Zora receives emergency Phone call.
  2. Zalena’s Right Man is kidnapped.
  3. Alma is involved in the.
  4. Mzee Simba sends his wife out of the house.
  5. Zora is disappointed by Her father.
  6. She is instructed to leave within 3 seconds.
  7. Kwame shifts the shares to Lilah and Filah.
  8. Kwame tells the truth about his impotence.

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