On Zora Citizen Tv show Today, we find Madiba coming back to Oliver’s apartments as his last option. He sleeps in darkness but asks Ogola and Neema to give Lilah and Fillah accommodation in the SQ – Servants Quarters.

The two agree to have the girls. This move was the most dangerous since Madiba did not consider how dangerous Oliver may be if he caught them.

Things turned worse. Oliver goes crazy when he learned about the two being in his compound. He even discovered Neema had prepared breakfast for them.

Neema Loses her Job

After Oliver discovered this and Ogola pretended he has no deal in it,,, Neema is right away fired. She is instructed to leave the Mansion within 5 minutes. Will she go back to Zora and Hamidah?

This is going to be tricky because of how she curried herself when she was on job.

Oliver Slaps Kwame

Kwama now has no say on Madibas issue. He tries to confront his father to stop sending away his brother. All he gets is a superb electric Slaps from Oliver. This happens as His wife Yola is watching from the flower garden.

Auntie Loreta too fails to prevent Oliver from that. Though she is not bitten but Oliver says he won’t care anyone’s feelings.

Oliver knows Madibas father

From the conversation with his wife,,, Oliver discloses how he was framed by Zenas father to marry her. Despite his assistance in Oliver’s Politics. He also discloses that he was their driver. A man whom they spent all their time with.

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