Zora citizen Tv to End. Yesterday Lulu Hassan and the Staring Sarah Hassan alias Zora shared their gratitude. Expressing how happy is has been working together.

Instegram was on fire after fans come across that post. It has now posed some fears for tye show lovers not to expect Zora Citizen Tv show 4th March 2022 full episode.

Fellah, Zora and Simba together for a photo shoot.

Zora who acted as Fellah’s wife and Simba’s mother said it has been her pleasure working around such amazing people.

She also thanks Rashid Abdallah and his wife Lulu Hassan for offering her that big opportunity that brought Zora to life. Jiffy Pictures and Citizen Tv is not also left behind for production and Premiering the show every week day at 7.30 to 8.10 PM.

Zora and Simba take a photo
Simba TBT in the beginning of the show
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