Loretta a character in the show after a long time of patience and humiliation is now ready to go for his love. He is so much disturbed with Fellahs whereabout as we see her vowing by her self.

Loretta has been humiliated by many people whom she collided with in the show.


When ALMA and LORETTA were not in good terms, ALMA advised her to sort her love before engaging into other people’s relationships.

She also become bitter after being told the same thing with Yola. This happened after Yolah hot married to Kwame. Loretta was not very happy with the idea and kept on questioning tirelessly.

Zalena also heartbroken Loretta when she sided with her brother Oliver to fight Zalena out of the house. But this didn’t work.

Oliver, Loretta’s brother promised to give her love back if she could assist him win Nana. Now we find Loretta thinking about her lover. For the first time she has revealed her love who happens to be Zora’s husband and Simba’s father Fellah AKA Ghost.

Fellah confesses to Zora.

Fellah has opened up to his lover Zora. Fellah explains how they met with Loretta. The two met during their younger age when Fellah was still in a gangster group. During this time Oliver Chibale was a famous politician the talk of the town. The two entered into a lovely relationship. He explains how Loretta drove her crazy love to Fellah although he had no interest.

Kwame confesses and asks for forgiveness

Kwame has confessed to Boaz his father inlaw about Alma’s killing. He also asks the Oldman to forgive him and allow him have a word with Alma for only 5 Minutes. Things happen to have yield since the Oldman accepts and trusts Kwame. Although he doesn’t allow him to see Alma but his heart is relieved on Almas untimely death.

Kwame too gives Biaz options to choose on what to do to him. This confession happens to break Boaz and his daughter over the revenge. Talia refuses to let go the revenge and promises to go ahead.

Nana breaks the Pregnancy news

Nana informs Fellah and Zora on who is responsible for her pregnancy. She shocks the two by opening to them about Madiba being the biological father to her pregnancy. But all this time Fellah is silent and he is not commenting anything. This makes zora suspicious about the silence. Zora tells off Nana to stop being a drama Queen since she is not in position to handle more drama.

Fellah says he has never had an affair with Nana.


Zora citizen tv show is a Kenyan made Tele novella. It is now ranking as the most watched and loved TV show of the year. Zora show came after Maria both being a creation of Giffy Productions . The two shows are managed by the popular TV News Anchor- Lulu

The stimulus show happens to be aired on Citizen Television for only 25 minutes per season which consists 2 episode. 1 and 2. It is aired exactly after Nipashe News 7:30 – 8:10 from Monday to Friday. The weekly episode Omnibus are played back to back on Saturday. 4 pm to 7pm

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