Zora Written Updates. Zora Citizen Tv is a Tv Show on Citizen Tv. It is aired on Monday to Friday at 7.30 to 8.10 PM. On Saturday an Omnibus Show Recap follows for back to back at 5 to 7 pm.

The show being one of the most loved and most viewed in the country happens to be stimulating. Just to highlight through Friday’s Episode war between Makeba and Mama Zora in Hospital to ignite.

Makeba as accused by Mama Zora chasing someone’s property. She speaks in proverbs living Makeba more confused. She also decrees Makeba’s visits in the hospital saying Zora and her father Mzee simba are enough to hospitalise her.

This Is so discouraging. One who pays you a visit in hospital should be upgraded for the good caring heart.

On the other hand Kwame vows to take care of the children if Madiba is pressed. But as he tries to make the two little girls happy, Alma’s spirit appears to him. He is overwhelmed with this. Kwame looses it all and screams as he runs out of the house. Everyone is now confused starting from Madiba, Zalena, Neema, Auntie Loretta, Lilah and Filah.

As things happen in Oliver’s House, Pipi on the other side is still looking for Lilah and Filah. He finally decides to check on Lion and explain to him that they have not come back. His breath is normalised after getting the news they are at home with Madiba.

Pipi regret but is happy with his life. He leaves A shocker message that left Zora thinking alot. Pipi says children of the rich people in the society, some don’t afford a peaceful life after having and experiencing domestic violence among their parents.

This burns Zora’s heart after being linked to the cause of Madiba’s children escaping their home.

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Zora Citizen Tv Show 18th February 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 Written Updates

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