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Zora Citizen Tv show 16th November 2021 Full Episode – Narration

Zora Citizen Tv show 16th November 2021 Full Episode – Narration. From Tuesdays episode,

Zora today

  1. Yolah is rejected by Milton.
  2. Kwame is criticised because of his condition.
  3. Zalena and her family to occupy the SQ
  4. Yolah finally meets her mother.
  5. Mama zora never communicated to her sister even after being informed of her sickness till her death.
  6. Mzee Simba reunite with Fyata his second wife.
  7. Madiba breaks ties with his mother saying the only thing that remains between them is The name Mother.
  8. Kwame vows not to let it all they struggled for go, he will fight for it.

Apart from news Tambua Africa is determined to promoting Talent from the Africa Continent.

Other Talents promoted on Tambua Africa include:

  1. Music
  2. Drawing
  3. Painting
  4. Dancing
  5. Music production
  6. Video production
  7. Vocal training
  8. Instrumental
  9. Social Hype
  10. Writing
  11. Skating
  12. Swimming
  13. Football
  14. Narration
  15. Presentation

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