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Zora Citizen Tv Monday 25th October 2021 full episode – Free Viusasa

Zora Forgives Fellah the father of his only son Simba.

Zora citizen tv show. Zora who had broken her relationship with Fellah renews and goes back to his husband.

This happens after Fellah took her for an outing. Just on their way back Zora flashbacks how she got married to fellah. This pushed her till she decided to go back in the morning. Although from the previous episode she asks to stay in the guest room.

Madiba sympathises with Ogola

Otolaryngology cries alot after his feeling against Yolahs treatment to him becomes unbearable.

Alma’s Father is bitter now after the loss of his Family.

He vows to revenge the death of any Chibale, “Anyone carrying the name Chibale will face a rough time.” He said

Zora breaks good relationships with Hamida.

Zora forgets how she got the the comfort from Hamida. She leaves in the morning with no greetings or ever Goodbye.

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