A Citizen TV Show written Updated part 1 & 2

Zora part one

Kwame is not listening to Yolah. They are arguing over the claim that Alma is still alive. She is crazy because they confirmed the grave is empty.

As this argument continues Madiba has heard all the discussions. This drives him in and eager to know what is going on.

Zalena calls Boaz

Talia is advised to go into the room since Zalena is paying them a visit. He doesn’t want her to be seen. She enters and questions why Alma is alive.

She also asks him if that is the reason why he did not attend his daughter’s burial. The two threaten each other. Zalena informs that Alma called. She is termed as Malicious pathetic evil human being.

“Boaz I ask, why is Almas body missing.” Zena asks. “Tutajua nani ndume.” She adds. Kwame on the other hand blames Yolah.

Madiba calls Auntie Loretta for a meeting. He asks her very tough questions.

Zora Citizen Tv UPDATES

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  • You witnessed the confirmation of Almas death and you can testify?
  • During the burial day you were in charged of body withdrawal?
  • As we arrived home people viewed the body?
  • And after church we went and buried the body?

All this questions Loretta answers YES. Madiba informs Loretta that Alma is Alive. He says Kwame and Alma have witnessed some miracle.

Talia fails to side with the father.

She calls her father with luck of curtesy to attend his daughter’s burial. But he says he knows what that family is capable of.

“What if they did not barry her and did something bad to hide the truth.” She asks. This question carries some sense on Boaz’s Question.

Zora Part 2

Yolah terms it as a game plan to say Alma is alive. The three Kwame, Yolah and Zalena are crazier because they were in the plan to hide Almas cause of death.

Fyata the current wife to Zora’s father wants to leave. This is after Mama Zora bewitched him. Zora intervenes and cools her down not to break the relationship.

Lastly Fellah offers himself for investigations.

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