Citizen TV Zora Cast, Characters, Real names, Episodes and Story
Zora Citizen TV Cast,

Zora is a new Kenyan Telenovela. It is a new program that will be airing on Kenya’s Citizen TV. There will be many actors just like the Maria show with starring Sarah Hassan and Jackie Matubia, who were famously known as Tanya and Jolene, of the kenyas biggest show Tahidi High. With our view, they are both beautiful actresses who are familiar to many Kenyans, since they perfectly executed their roles in the show.

When does ZORA show start?

Many have had questions of how and when the Zora Citizen Tv show will be starting. But we have an answer for that. The program kicks off on Monday, 22nd March and is set to replace Maria. The show that made many Kenyans talk for the past two years.  It will be aired on Citizen TV from 7:30pm to 8.00pm every weekday (Monday to Friday). The fact about this new program is that it is also produced by Maria’s producer, Jiffy Pictures, a film company owned by Lulu Hassan and her husband, TV news presenter, Rashid Abdalla.

Just After the award-winning show, Maria, many expect no difference than perfection on the new show.

Zora Citizen TV Cast, Characters


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