Zora Citizen Tv show takes another path as love triangle takes over.

Stories keep on unfolding that we may wish the lovers of Zora to be aware and remember as they follow up. First we are going to discuss few characters and their roles in the show.

Kenyans have expressed to Tambua Africa their ability in the acting industry. When you look around through the whole show you will come across actors or rather characters that take up their role and make everything to be realistic, just for example, Zora we find her in a love triangle but nobody can say this is an act since it sounds like it’s real on the ground. And this is the importance of literature to the society.

Some shows may be acted where they don’t have any kind of teaching to the younger generation. Zora has just hit the point by educating many on how to handle matters however big or challenging they may be.

Below we are going to discuss characters elaborate more about how they come up clearly in their roles according to our understanding. We will also let you know and understand who they are in the show since this is a whole package off literature that requires some remembrance for you to be able to understand it well and follow-up fluently.

Zora is a TV show that has taken over all other shows in the country. It has kept Kenyans talking either in offices, places of work, social media, and all other platforms they may meet. It has made citizen TV show to be the most watched National TV channel across the country.


This is the main Character in the show. Zora is the Mother to Simba and Wife to Fellah. She also happens to be the sister to Yolah sharing the same mother. Zora is the daughter to Mzee Simba, a staunch friend to Nana and Hamidah.

She carries the title since everything that happens is revolving around her. We came across her as a teacher who was much determined to her work. Family issues never went well after her colleague fell in love with Zora’s husband Fellah. All never went well after Nana Intervention to fight for Zora.

She was later served with a dismissal letter indicating professional misconduct. Zora suffered a love blow after Fellah Married her friend and placed her in the Master bedroom pushing out Zora to the guest room. Things did not end there she decided to move out of her house and join the business sector that could sustain her and her son Simba.

Fellah (Ghost)

Fellah is a character in the show who acts as the Husband to Zora. He is also the father to Simba and Patience. Fellah is later known to be Ghost a very dangerous gangster.

He is a person who is extremely heartless implicated from his actions to his family and other people whom he collides with. This is evident from the time he married another wife alongside his legal wife Zora. He also had no guts to kidnap his son Simba.

Fellah too killed Madiba’s biological Father after intentions to kill Mzee Simba.

Aunty Loretta

Aunty Loretta is the only Sister to Oliver and Oscar. She was in love with Fellah before his engagement to Zora. Loretta was then sent abroad to part ways with her love during those days when Oliver was a very famous politician. Loretta has been in love arrested for all that time and decides later to fight for what rightfully belongs to her.

Loretta pays Fellah a courtesy phone call which letter enables them to make in a restaurant. Thinking that they have successfully met unfortunately Zora arrives at the venue getting him them red handed making love. All is Well That Ends Well but things were not so good. The two had to pull against themselves Fellah noticed to be confused. A breakup happens.


Zalena plays a role of being Olivers Wife. She is also the mother to Kwame and Madiba. Zalena is a careless woman who shades blood in the show to protect her children and wealth.


Madiba is the first Son to Zalena and a brother to Kwame. He lost his wife on a birthday after being engaged in an accident. Madiba caused an accident after consuming alot of alcohol and driving.


Kwame is the second born to Zalena and the brother to Madiba. Kwame was the husband to Alma and after Alma’s death he got married to Yolah. Kwame has been a man of circumstances. He is Impotent in the show and confirmed twice that he can never bare children.


Alma is the wife to Kwame. The innocent character was the daughter to Boaz a business X. partner to Chibale’s. She died in the show after quarreling with her husband Kwame.


Yolah is a controversial lover in the show. She is the sister to Zora and a lover to many men in the show. She was engaged to Milton, Kwame, a rich man who will be disclosed later and also attracted to Madiba.


Master is the Husband to Fidi and Pipi’s father.


Oliver is the politician. He was once a famous Pearson in politics. Oliver is the father to Milton and engaged to Zalena and later Nana a Grandchildren’s teacher. Oliver died in worrying circumstances after having an outing to her new lover Nana. His body was found at his construction site.


Talia is the tween sister to Alma and a daughter to Boaz. She is a lady of tactics and strategies. Talia is after revenge of her sister’s death.


Boaz is the father to Talia and Alma.


The wife to Master and Pipi’s Mother.


Queen of all circumstances. Nana is the best friend to Zora whom they used to teach with in the same school. Nana in the show was engaged to Madiba whom their wedding was slammed by Zora. She also engaged Oliver.


This is the business lady in the show. She broke up with her husband when their parents pushed them to. We can trace some form of germinating love with Master.


Daughter to Madiba


Madiba’s daughter.


Hsmidas friend and a house girl on Olivers Mansion.







Mzee Simba


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