The Family Gathering

One of the hot parts in todays show is Zora’s Family gathering. Things don’t look like they anticipated after Mama Zora messed her plans. Before we get to the incident, Mama Fellah asks Fellah is the Gathering is for happy beginning on happy endings.

Zora interven urging that the parents will be the litmus paper. They are the ones that will determine their future. As they discusse Simba walks in with his fiance Fyata. Simba carries a Kuku wa Kienyeji for the family.

He is also shocked to meet Makeba. She has never payed a visit since he allowed his daughter to marry Fellah. She excuses with being caught up with issues.

Mama Zora’s Mistake

Mama Zora’s greed for Wealth leads to the unexpected. She misses the target after she trembled dropping the container with Poison to the ground. Although she was able to clear the mess, but unfortunately it splashed to her feet.

Now she has poisoned herself.

The leg should be cut!

After being rushed to hospital, the doctor’s report indicates reduction in oxygen supply. She suggests an urgent surgery to cut the leg. This leaves Zora with an open mouth!

Zora Citizen Tv: 8th and 9th February 2022 Full Episode Part 1 and 2 – Written Updates

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