Kwame opens up to Boaz. Kwame the husband to Alma obeys to pressure after things get out of hand. Kwame disagrees with his mother’s moves and being drilled into dangerous action that may lead to arrest or even loss of life.

Kwame requests Mr Boaz to allow him in. He is first sorry for the kidnapping. Although Boaz is hesitant but still he is the father inlaw. He welcomes him in. Kwame confesses to his father inlaw.

Will the confession change Boaz’s need fir revenge. Remember he vowed to deal with and blood related to Chibale’s. I think he will also not give in to Zalena after all the torture he got. Talia may not also change her mind to revenge for the blood of her sister.

On the other hand Zalena confirms how dangerous Ghost is. Ghost is the husband to Zora and the father to Simba. He is the most dangerous man in the show. Zalena Knows what Ghost is capable of. She warns her sons. Ghost is also known as Fellah.

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