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Fidi Explains how Amali used her to pay for Masters Debt.

The key person in masters arrest is none other than Amali. This was identified by feeders check on the photos which happens to be familiar to her. During all this time of masters arrest and set up FIDI happens to have been knowledgeable about it but she couldn’t disclose any information.

She happens to have passed through many ups and downs when master was jailed in Ndonyo but the biggest problems was AMALI.

He claimed losing alot of money in a deal with Master. But that wasn’t the problem. The main issue was Fidi to pay him Back. This failed since she couldn’t afford.

She was forced to be engaged into an affair that made her never to get a baby anymore. And to make matters worse, it was not even one time, two times or three times, but it was through the whole period Master was in jail. “That is the only way I could have paid him through.” Masters face show some waves of anger which may call for a revenge mission as the show continues.

Nana Explains how her Life is in Danger

Nana who has been involved in the wash wash business and lost a lot of money explains how are life is in danger to Zora and Fellah. She says her life is in danger because she doesn’t know well who Milton is and more worse Loretta has been on her neck since the time she stepped her foot in Oliver’s house.

“How can you invest 3 million in an avocado business? Can’t you see that is very strange? Fellah questioned.”

Zora sets herself out. She doesn’t want to be involved is any wash wash Business at all. Fellah too tries to move out but Nana’s issues is to know who Milton is working with to bring her down. Nana moves out in great pain.

Kwame, Madiba involved in Kidnapping Boaz

Zalena involves her two sons in the kidnap. Boaz the father to late Alma is now in Zalena’s custody but this doesn’t work out well. Alma call. She asks them if the best way to reach her is through her father. Madiba’s Children are in danger.

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