“Ati wewe na Loretta dada yake Oliver Chibale mlikuwa wapenzi. Yani mtoto wangu yuko katika hali hii kwa sababu yako.” Mzee Simba questions.

Zora Citizen Tv 4th January 2022 Part 1 – (By Tambua Africa)

Mama Zora comes in with too much boasting. She claims the room they are in is smelling. She pretends being shocked of the state in which zora is. By Tambua Africa Mama zora question her daughter why she refused to follow her advice about Fellah.

As the discussion is going on Fellah is very calm. All the blames are directed to him since his past was not positive at all. Mama Simba also gets informed about Fellah’s relationship with Loretta.

“Fellah ni mara ngapi nimekuonya, hata nikigonjeka mara ngapi usiambie mum.”

Zora is not happy and did not appreciate the fact that Fellah had to inform her mother.

At Oliver’s Home. (By Tambua Africa)

Neema arrives home with no greetings. She passes not bothering Ogola’s jock.

“Yani Tulu Tulu anapita bila kuniongelesha. Ama kuna kitu amaambiwa kunihusu.” Ogola disturbed.

On the other side Loretta receives a phone call. The caller happens to be the attackers requesting for their balance. By Tambua Africa Loretta refuses to pay since the job is not complete. She add that She won’t pay since Zora is still breathing.

Mzee Simba: Still in hospital mzee Simba understands what Fellah requested urging him to be responsible to fight for Zora’s rights. Zora urges them not to bother since she will deal with her personally.

Drama At Oliver’s Home (By Tambua Africa)

Mama Zora decides to question Loretta concerning Fellah’s love claims. She booms into the house like lightening.

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Amo Nail

“Loretta, Loretta, nakuuliza mbona ulitoa mimba ya mtoto wangu?” She asks.

Loretta refuses the claims calling Mama Zora crazy. She engages her into a fight forcing Milton interven. By Tambua Africa Milton manages to separate them but his look seems to be suspecting some truth in what is being said.

Loretta Denies even knowing mama Zora outside Oliver’s House. She even distances herself from visiting her and surprising her with alot of money, Shockingly Loretta denies knowing Fellah too. This makes Milton even more confused.

Tambua Africa realises Madiba is not a man to jock with. He can be able to do something Weare if his wish is crossed. Madiba is also tactical after carrying Neema away pretending that he will bit her.

“Milton sahii vile unaniona hivi natoka kuona zora. Mtoto wangu anapigania maisha. Na hii yote ni kwasababu ya huyu mama.” Mama Zora explains.

Neema also is secretly listening to all this conversation. She follows the whole drama that has been going on.

Milton fails to interrogate Loretta.

Zora citizen tv 4th January 2021 part 2

An episode full of flashbacks. Talia flashbacks Boaz her father’s discussion with Madiba and later Kwame. Kwame also flashbacks visiting Talia.

At the Hospital; Mzee Simba urges Zora to do away with the revenge mission. He asks her to go and concentrate with her family.

Tambua Africa: Madiba faces Auntie Loretta.

“Mbona umeatak Zora. Nakuuliza.” The drama continues. Madiba also breaks the news about Oliver. He asks how she kept quiet as Oliver took advantage of Talia and Alma.

Madiba carries Neema away.

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