Zora Citizen Tv Written Updates for 4th February 2022

Nana was so jovial and happy but she left crying. Loretta flashbacks but cut shot by Oscar. She is asked about tye so called love. Oscar had advised them not to sink so much into love.

At the Hospital

Zora is served a letter by Zalena. They read the letter noticing she is also mentioned as the major reason for Nana’s suicide.

The two quarrel so much failing to agree over the matter but at longlast Fellah forgives and they go back home.

Nana’s reactions

Nana after attempting suicide now doesn’t she doesn’t want anyone close to him be it her best friend Zora of her baby father Madiba. She chases them out her ward room not sparing Zalena.

Who Hit Madiba

After going downstairs and back Zalena notices Madiba is bruised on his face. She asks out of her concerns what happened but Madiba tricks saying it is a small matter with the hospital clients who were finding their parking.

Simba is No more!

Mama simba has managed to kill Her grand son Simba. She has done this out of her greed and selfishness. Remember her “mkuu” had requested for a blood sacrifice if she wanted to be rich.

On which grounds will Fellah and Zora stand. Where will they start from. They are shocked by their son lying helplessly and breathless on the sofa.

Reason she was good

From this action we can now conclude the feelings Fellah had about Mama Zora. Remember him asking what Mama zora is after. “What do you expect in return.” Now her objective has been achieved.

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Nana in Hospital after attempting suicide.

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