Episode 17 31St January 2022
Ogola almost sells himself out; Kwame tries to talk to his brother about his love life….

Madiba fails to agree with Kwame after Kwame advices on Madiba’s love for Nana.

Nana Faces Zora.

Nana goes straight to Zoras hone where she questions about their secret meetings with Madiba her baby father. As she questions about this issue Fellah is just sitting in his Soa listening. He now knows Aboit the secret meetings his wife is having. But this does not shake Fellah.

“Niko ready kuanza zero. Niko ready kupoteza everything but in the event pia nitapoteza mtu.” He yells

There are So many RED FLAGS

Ogola now feels his mission is suspected in Oliver’s House. He calls his boss about suspending the mission. But he is urged to play safe since they are almost coming to a conclusion of the Undercover mission.

“You must Surrender.”

Talia is asked to Surrender. After many days exile Talia comes back home congratulating his father for cleaning and arranging the house. She informs her who did the mess in the house but her father doesn’t appreciate that action and step taken.

In return Boaz asks Talia to Surrender to the police for killing Oliver. Talia is ready to do that.

“Chukuwa simu uwapigie, Pick the phone and call them, I will Surrender.”

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