Zora Citizen Tv 30th December 2021 – part 1

Transparency is now what drives Zora’s character. She is very OK with sharing anything she has with Fellah. Zora advises Fellah to Mind about what he does since it may hound the entire family.

As the two continue discussing, pipi on the other hand expresses his feelings toward his father, mother and Simba’s family too.

Neema enters Ogola’s room while he is in the bathroom. She is also carrying undercover mission to find out who truly Ogola is. She discoverers a Gun in the room but by bad lack She is seen by Milton.

Aunty Loretta comes back home drunk. She knocks the gate many times without response. Loretta being driven by alcohol fights Ogola. Ogola realises someone was in his room and dissarranged his belongings.

Inside the house Loretta swears Zora will have to know who she is. In the event Neema was listening all the conversations.

Milton accuses Ogola for having an affair with Neema since he saw Neema come out of his house. This information he passes to Ogola is very significant since he has been distributed with who has been following him into his private Servant Quarter.

BOAZ explain to Zalena and his two Sons.

On the other side BOAZ opens up to Kwame, Zalena and Madiba about Talia and Alma. He also takes them to the grave just to make sure all he is saying is believable. Zora Citizen Tv part 1 31st December 2021 episode ends

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