Zora citizen tv today majors more on Madiba’s accusations. Madiba has been a victim of circumstances after the death of his wife.

First Madiba’s children are too fast to believe. Anything said against their father is believed to be true. Madiba was linked to the death of their mother. The two did not wait for an explanation.

Zalena corrupted the minds of Lilah and Filah. This is the time when they visited Nana. The two girls picked a phone and immediately called their father Madiba. They did not offer any room for explanation.

Recently Kwame accused Madiba being behind the arrests. Fellah was arrested because of murder charges. He killed Gerald Sande. Made Zalena is also arrested because of illegal business during their political time with Oliver.

Ogola has been investing this since the time he was recruited as a security officer. Only the girls are sorry after all accusations.

Nana also believes the claim by Simba. Madiba is driven out of anger telling Nana how he loves Zora. He could marry her within 10 minutes if she curried his child.

Zora Citizen Tv 2nd and 3rd March 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 Written Updates

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