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Zora Citizen Tv 2nd February 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2 – Tambua Updates

Zora Part 1

Where is Milton?

Mama Zora although drunk but cannot miss the route to Milton’s home. As she arrives at Chibale’s home, she shouts where is Milton. Oscar is worried why Milton is in question and who is the woman.

He introduces himself as Milton’s father but Milton is not around. Mama zora explain why she is looking for Milton and asks his father that he will pay on his behalf.

Shocking Zalena is informed about the relationship between Yola and Zora. Nana explains why she never disclosed this information.

As the discussion continues Loretta cuts everything shot asking them to have it elsewhere since her emotions are not to be tempered with.

Account Transaction?

Zora finds her mother confused. She can’t tell exactly where the money is. Zora calls her friend in the bank who confirms the transaction.

According to the transaction email, Mama zora had been withdrawing money regularly without good plans. This is why money got finished without her knowing. She is only remaining with a bank balance of Ksh 300 According to the bank statement.

Kwame’s Secret!

Kwame now opens up who poisoned Madiba’s daughter. He finds it difficult but tries to make is sound. “Yolah poisoned Lilah.”

Zora Part 2

Neema Of Zora Citizen Tv

Madiba over react after hearing this. Kwame explains why he did not disclose any information he knew. He is chased out of the room like a dog.

“Toka, Today kwa room yangu Bwana, toka wewe.”

Mama Zora in Cults

Mama Zora calls “mkuu” asking how to administer the given medicine. Is it supposed to be put in food or water. She asks for a change not to sacrifice her daughter or grandson. She is denied any exception.

On the other hand Madiba apologizes after over reaction. He says he called himself for a meeting and consoled himself. He opens up to Kwame how he loves Zora and does not have any feelings for Nana. He says he is badly in love with Zora. Despite discrimination by his younger brother but still stands on exemptional grounds.

Nana ako na ball yangu but I feel nothing.” Kwame tries to relate the whole scenario to lila and Filah. Madiba doesn’t look excited anymore. As the two are having a discussion Nana is at the door step following everything. She is dismayed by this hence runs out through the gate shouting.

Mama Fellah happy!

As Fellah is having a healthy discussion with her husband Fellah about the family gathering, a surprise to Zora As mama Fellah walks in. She expresses how happy she is to see her some reconciled with his wife.

She advices for discussions whenever their is a family problem since she can’t afford to see what happened to her before.

Nana cries!

After a long run Mana remembers the discussion as Zora Citizen Tv 2nd February 2022 ends.

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