How Fidi’s parents treated Hamida?

After Fidi’s parents were informed about their daughters health status, they took their first step to check on her. As parents they had some bitterness after setting an eye on Fidi. The wrong thing they did is to direct all their anger to Hamida.

Fidi’s mother doesn’t care who has been taking care of her daughter. She terms her as a fake Nairobian friend even after Fidi’s intervention.

“Huyu mtoto ni wangu ama ni wako? Wewe malenga wa mashairi usituletee. Sahii ukimpeleka hosipitalini utamulipia? Bimoss, Kuja polepole utanikanyaga.” Fidi’s Mother yells.

Fidi’s parents with Hamida.

They also don’t care about their grandson. They rebuke Hamidas point to bring Pipi before they leave.

“Huyo pipi peleka Jela. Mtu ambaye hajaleta mahari nyumbani.” Father speaks.

Madiba Apologies rejected.

Madiba pays Nana a Visit with a flower showing love. He asks for Nana’s forgiveness for his betrayal during the marriage day when she was left at the Altar. Nana gives him a moment of silence to listen to his sorrows.

Madiba apologising to Nana

Ningependa time irudishwe nyuma ni-undo zile vitu nimekufanyia. But since it cannot I just have to work with the current. Living you at the alter was the worst mistake I have ever done. And I am truly sorry.

Unajua nimekuwa nikijiuliza vitu mingi of late. Like wee ni mtu wa aina gani? Uko na roho ya aina gani? Coz even after the heart breaks and embarrassment, bado uko na guts za kuniangalia na kunikaribisha kwako. Na ku embrace watoto wangu.” Madiba speaks.

Son of Zalena can’t hold it to an extent of kneeling. In the event Zora enters without notice. She allows them to move on with their love as she breaks the good news that sound bitter to Madiba. She is pregnant.

She also urges na to be wise and keep off her family. Madiba is badly disturbed with Zora’s messages revoking all his words poured to Nana. Nana after noticing Madibas unrest, she sends him out of her house.

Zora Interference with the Apologies

Kwame doubts Madiba

Kwame doubts if Madiba will succeed in wining Nana. They had a mission as a family to make Nana part of their family to help bring Hodan the underground investigator closer. This move was to help trace Ogola’s moves in his spy mission.

Madiba requests for some time since it is not an easy task. He passes the event happenings to his only brother Kwame. Even after information on pregnancy, Kwame still encourages Madiba to on and fight for his love Zora.

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Kwame after discussing all with Madiba he now leaves with a shocking information. He is now going for his love Alma. He sarcastically says this time round Talia will be Alma.

Zora’s Surprise disturb Fellah.

Zora brings a surprise to Fellah. The flower Tambua Africa suspects is the same that Nana rejected. Zora requests Fellah for an outing which he agrees. Although this hurts Simba because the two were enjoying a Play Station (PS) current Fifa together. Simba boasts how he had scored countless Scores against his father. He jock saying it is pathetic to score 7 goals.

Madiba informs Loretta!

Madiba informs Loretta about Zora’s pregnancy. Loretta is so bitter about the information. Loretta after receiving the news she visits Zora and the two exchange their feelings infront of Zora. She even kisses Fellah infront of his wife.

Kwame visits Boaz

Kwame after vowing to go for Alma he visits Boaz. He proves to the old man to have come in a sober mind. He requests to see his wife Alma since last time she visited in the village, he couldn’t hold it having Alma near.

She is now fully packed with the courage to face her. This shocks Biaz. He was not aware Talia Visited Kwame.

Boaz Allows Kwame to see Alma (Talia) but warns her not to do anything foolish. The show ends.

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