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Zora is a swahili show from Kenya. It is acted by hight vetted and talented actors. Zora is produced in Kenya.

Zora citizen Tv Part 1 & 2

Zora calls her father informing him that she is now back to her husband. This shocks her father since Zora had told about the major suspect involved in Gerald’s death.

He couldn’t imagine. Zora questions if maybe she is the one who caused Fellah to act and behave the way he was. She acknowledges Fellah being a womaniser and drunkard.

She accepts Fellah being a killer but she has gone back to save him.

On the other side at Chibales home, we find Kwame ready for the reading of the Will. This is the date he has been waiting for a long time. He too invites Madiba to be their downstairs. Madiba is exempting himself because he is known not to be Chibales. But the family Lawyer had instructed for his call.

As Lawyer walks in he is accompanied by Nana the major suspect in Olivers death. Kwame and Zalena reacts bitterly.

Lawyer sends Yolah away saying he only needs Chibales family. “Yes she is your wife, But not chibales.” This triggers Kwame to call Nana TAKA TAKA.

Loretta also asks why Madiba is present and not a child to that family. But he is instructed to seat. Loretta requests for the other son Milton Chibale to be present.

“Before Oliver died few days he had talked about Nana and that is why she is present.” Lawyer Explains.


  1. KWANE CHIBALE – 51%
  3. OSCAR – 10%
  4. LORETTA – 10%
  5. NANA – 15%

Milton is not included in the Will. Loretta terms the Will as invalid and Total lie. How could Oliver leave out his son. Nana is termed as Chips Funga. But she is the wife to Oliver. Proofs show from the IGs office. Loretta fights Nana. She refuses to sign the will

As the show goes on Madiba calls Nana but she corrects him to call her Mayor.

“So the next time you address me, address me with some manners.” Nana states

At fellah’s home, Zora watches his baby father play with Simba through the window. She makes the house and later leaves informing Simba his son she is leaving for a while.

Other things Owned by Oliver Chibale Shared

  1. Sugarcane Plantation.
  2. Houses – Nana and Zalena
  3. Beach plot profit – goes to the charity
  4. Cars – National goaler

Nana as she leaves sounds a warning to Madiba since he made her a laughing stone during the wedding. She asks him to pray hard that she is not arrested since he will never know what peace is. “But one more thing, say Hi to Zora.” Nana to Madiba as she kisses her.

Zalena Edited the Will.

Editing was done but not to the fullest. Zalena edited the Will only and nothing else. The plan to do business with Lawyer was not to her satisfaction but he sticked to the plan.

Mama Zora goes to the witch doctor to be assisted reclaim her husband. She is given instructions but that should be the first and last time .

  1. Break a natural egg at the door step
  2. No one should see her
  3. Evening
  4. Pure white Outfit
  5. Red hat
  6. Bare foot
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