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ZORA CITIZEN TV 26th January 2022

Part 1

Neema is too mouthy. She speaks to her self loudly in real sense she knows all will hurt Loretta. Shockingly she touches on the Pregnancy story. “Excuse me, hebu rudia kile umesema.” She requests Neema to repeat the statement about who is responsible for Alma’s Pregnancy. Kwame attests the truth.

Let’s relocate and start new life. Move to a place where people don’t know us“. Fellah requests Zora to allow the family relocate to a new estate. Zora denies this explaining out how they will be running away from reality without sorting the root problems.

Oscar with Tamaduni analyses the love cycle in the show.

Zora<Madiba >Nana


Loretta >Fellah >Alma>Kwame

This is a kind of relationship that could not be appreciated in the past. “What is this. Uchafu gani huu. Hata kama hamuogopi society kuongea, itawachukulia vipi? Where is the dignity?” Oscar asks.

Dignity My foot. Wewe ni mtu wa kunilecture kuhusu dignity, you of all the people sided with Zalena shetani mkubwa kabisa. Zalena mtu alifanya ukahangaika na baba yetu akakufa kama chokoraa, halafu unapayuka dignity.” This are Loretta’s words. She is so bitter about Oscar’s closeness to Zalena.

He doesn’t argue but asks how the little ones will take on this kind of relationship.

Madiba and his wife Nana

Madiba is reminded not to forget his children Lilah and Filah but advised not to Pamper too much love for them since it may spoil them just like Zalena spoiled Kwame and Madiba. She also asks Nana to take care of them and also pray to have clever children just like Lilah and Filah.

Part 2

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Mama Zora Meets Fellah.

Fellah asks Mama Zora what she is targeting in return. He claims knowing her very well and the pretence is not in vain. She also pauses the same question to Fellah.

Zora ni mtoto wangu na sina sababu za kumnyanyasa.” Fellah is also asked if he still loves Loretta. He is urged not to waste Zoras time fighting for a marriage that won’t work.

Zora Meets Fyata

Zora is now more confused after Fyata gives her side story. She explains how she followed her heart and fought for her love. People talk with their own opinions but the good thing is to follow your heart. She explains how many women live under threat. She goes to an extent of opening up how humiliated she was but she managed to walk away not because she didn’t love Simba but because she couldn’t tolerate.

This piece will make zora more confused if to follow her father’s or Fyata’s thoughts.

Loretta will Soon walk again: After medical care and minor surgeries doctor assures Loretta will be OK to walk again and ready to be discharged. Doctor also advices Loretta to be counselled regularly since she was affected by the bad news.

As Madiba discuss about child he promises to treat the children according to the require standards without tolerating them.

26th Episode ends

Zora Citizen Tv 25th January 2022 Written Updates

Part 1

At Boaz’s Home: Boaz finds his house is a mess, he is shocked to find all his documents scattered all over the sitting room. Boaz is disturbed on who may have done all this. He tries to reach out his daughter Talia but all in vain as she remains unreachable.

Madiba Thanks Nana for being their for him.

Madiba is sorry for everything. He thinks Nana is valuable since if it were for another woman that the situation could have been different.

“I came back because of Simba”

Zora requests Fellah to assist her restore the diminishing love. After she opens up on what made her come back to him she has no otherwise but to stick to her husband putting into account her father’s advice. In the current episode Zora happens to be disturbed by Madiba’s love. She truly loves him.

“Fellah nilikupenda sana but vile ulinihurt, na ulibakia 2% Ndio kina mtu mwingine but sitaki yeye, nisaidie urudi kwa roho yangu.” She pleads.

On the other side Ogola is having some exercise with Kwame. Zalena is not happy but Kwame tells her off not to think he is a fool since they should be smart in tactics.

Who is Ogola of Zora Citizen Tv show: Ogola is a gateman in the show. In reality he is playing an undercover mission to uncover the illegal business that had been taking place in Oliver’s politics. He is investigating the source of Money that funded Oliver in the campaign during his political life.

Who has kidnapped Talia: Talia happens to be kidnapped according to Boaz’s feeling. Boaz requests Madiba’s assistance. “Madiba ningependa kukuona, njoo nitakueleza.”

Sarah Hassan alias Zora in the show prays after a long period. She requests God to take care of her parents, child, Family and Marriage. Coincidentally her mother enters. Zora is quite happy for her. She requests her not to allow the passed life back again.

Fellah meets Mzee Simba for the second time.

Fellah comes to Mzee Simba’s home getting him in the garden. He is angry of the the bitter words Zora planted in his heart. After talking to the old man slowly Fellah is neutralised by the wise and selected word Mzee Simba used.

Part 2

Zalena prepares a delicious meal for Oscar.

Oscar of Zora Citizen Tv show is invited by Zalena for a meal. She informs her inlaw not to think all this is for bribery but it is to show how sorry she is to him. She is sorry of what they did to him with Oliver.

Oliver Is Dead. But before during his politics they framed Oscar who was later arrested for drug traffic. He was detained in police custody for 30 years. She requests him not to disclose any information about drugs to her children.

Kwame requests to come with Oscar to the hospital.

At the Hospital

Loretta now manages to sit after being hospitalised for a long time. She was hit by Mama Zora who was revengeful for what Loretta did to Hef daughter Zora. She vows Zora will pay for this.

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