Zora citizen tv show part 1

Fellah is interrogated

  • How many were they: 2
  • Is the license legit: yes
  • Why did you pull out the gun: I just wanted to threaten them or else we could have been killed.
  • What we’re they up to: I don’t know, they just came and instructed us to lie down.

After the interrogation Fellah is warned not to repeat the same mistake since he lives on an estate. The whole estate is on tension after the incident. Fellah promises not to allow it happen again.He seems not to be OK with his wife.

Madiba, Kwame and Nana are back home

Arriving home shouting they face Zalena. “Are you happy, Are you happy now? You left without informing me where you were going. Look what is happening now. You madiba cannot stop your brother you are just inciting him.” The two walk away from her.

Madiba’s arrival into the room hears a knock knock at the door. “Mum staki, staki” but it is not Zalena, it’s Nana. Madiba complains to her after being judged by his mother. Nana advices him to listen to Zalena since the message is clearly to let Fellah be. Nana too emphasises the two to let Fellah be.

Fellah na Zora wanajuana. Ukijaribu kuingilia Katie then utaumia na utaonekana mbaya..” She says. She explains how she fought hard to separate the two but all in vain. Madiba requests for some little time to rest.

Madiba flashbacks how Zora asked him to assist pull her out of Fellah. He is quite disturbed by the thought.

Zora quarrels Fellah

“Beb tunaweza ongea. Can we talk?” Zora is requesting for clarification since she was ordered not to get out without permission. Fellah asks her I’d she insists, to find her way out. Coincidentally Simba calls requesting her to pay a visit home. Fellah rudely answers Zora.

How did you know I coned you money

Zalena’s concern about how the two are moving on in relationship is in her hands after Nana asks her to play her role perfectly.

She also asks how Nana got to know that she coned them.

“Papa freddy Ngamwaya alikuwa ananikatia. To make matters worse ni wa huko ocha kwetu hapa tu Central. Nilimujua tukiwa uni”

Nana explains how Papa Freddy can change into anything hence shocking Zalena.

Zora Citizen Tv part 2

Hamida pays Zora a visit but finds Fellah alone. She fears to wait for her after hearing that she is not around. “Nikae kwa nyuma moja na jitu hilo. Hii ni kama kumuweka kondoo na fisi kwenye zizi moja” She speaks to herself.

Simba offers guidance and counselling to his daughter. He encourages her to stick to her marriage since their is no one perfect.

Kama ni Fellah Ana uchafu na Madiba vile vile ni mchafu.”

This touching words of mzee Simba burns down Zora’s heart. She curries this information to Hamida.

Oscar opens to Zalena

Oscar questions Zalena the source of money they used for campaign. After Zalena tricks about business Oscar spills the beans on why Ogola is in their midst.

“Ogola ako hapa kuproof mlikuwa mnatoa pesa zenu kwa drug trafficking.”

He also opens the reason why he was arrested for 30 years. This was after he was caught with drugs. Oliver too used Mama Milton who is also serving a jail term not living out Milton. He promises Ogola is coming for her but he won’t be sorry to her.

Madiba receives a call

After Zora receiving the Bitter truth, she asks Hamida to assist call Madiba, requesting him not to call or even search for her. Madiba is shocked to hear talking to Hamida through Zora’s phone. He is brought so low with the message he received from Hamida.

Zora citizen Tv 24th January 2022 ends.

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