Zora: the innocent woman in the show now carries all the blame game revolving around Fellah’s arrest.

Fellah the husband to Zora was arrested after the NIS agent had gathered enough evidence. He is the key suspect in the death of the one and only Gerald Sande.

Gerald Sande was the biological father to Madiba. Fellah killed him in Simba’s orchard. During that time Fellah was targeting to kill Mzee Simba. He shot him dead thinking it was Zora’s father since he was wearing Simba’s coat.

No one will Now understand Zora. This has happened at a crucial time when the two are not in good terms.

1. Makeba leaves Zora to God. She promises not to take any step but God will handle her accordingly.

2. Madiba changes his mind. Madiba asks Zora to show him his father just like she is enjoying her moments with Mzee Simba. Madiba out of anger deletes all his feelings towards Zora.

3. Mama Zora in Hospital kicks the blame ball to Zora. She claims when she says Zora is bad, Simba rebukes her. Now he has attested to the reality.

4. Loretta too claims Zora framed Fellah. She says Zora will pay back as long as she is still alive. Loretta speaks to Fellah explaining how she loves him.

Zora Citizen Tv 25th and 28th February 2022 Full Episode part 1 and 2

Zora is a Kenyan soap opera drama. A television series is aired on Citizen TV. It started in March 22, 2021 after the end of Maria.

Maria Citizen Tv show Season two is the wish for the fans. The two shows are produced by Jiffy Pictures manned by the Royal media news anchor Lulu Hassan.

The show airs weekdays at 7:30 p.m. EAT (UTC +03:00) on Citizen TV, as well as on Viusasa platform for subscribed users.

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