Today on Zora 23rd February 2022 – Justice Must be served. Kwame has reached the wall and cannot bear it all again.

The key trend in the whole story now is how Kwame killed Alma. The spirit that has been tormenting him cannot leave anymore. Kwame in the presence on Madiba and Zalena acts weared. At the end he asks Madiba too to confess.

“Justice must be served.”

On the other side before Kwame, We also fnd Zora under new rules. She is now familiarising with the new norm. Kwame has set a new rule that won’t allow her out of the house. Zora will not be allowed out not even to check on her mother in hospital.

At the Hospital Makeba disagrees mzee Simba. He tries to explain how Fellah disrespected him. Fellah disrespected Simba after he advised him to give Zora a divorce.

Makeba is not happy with what Simba is claiming. She even reminds how she stood with Zora when Fellah mistreated her. But this time she won’t let her son be disturbed by her daughter inlaw.

Zora: Citizen Tv 23rd, 24th February 2022 – Full Episode Written updates. Get the show ahead of everyone else on Viusasa Today.

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