Zora part 1

Restless Zalena hovers around her House. This is after no one knows Madiba’s whereabouts. On seeing Madiba return home she calms and gains back to question her son on what may be eating him up. Madiba doesn’t show any concerns about Alma’s appearance, Kwame’s fainting and Zalena too.

It sounds so ironical since Kwame’s prayer was to be with Alma, but when she comes he faints. Zalena on the other hand vowed to use everything in her power to protect her children. But after Alma appears she also faints. The two lack words to say. Madiba goes to sleep.

Zora is questioned harshly by Simba her son.

Simba asks why Zora has to fight Nana even after interference she caused to their marriage. He also requests for explanation in which circumstances did Nana get Madiba’s pregnancy in real sense she was engaged to the old man – Meaning Oliver Chibale. Zora doesn’t entertain Simbas concern at all and tells him to leave.

Madiba quarrels with Kwame to a point almost to fight. In the event Fellah comes to warn Madiba. He asks him to keep off Zora or else to imagine that Horror movie where 8 year averagely get pregnant. This sounds so strange to Madiba and Zalena. But this time round Fellah isn’t violent.

Zalena seeks for confirmation from her son if Nana’s Pregnancy belongs to him. She gets the clarification but promises never to allow it happen.

Madiba, yani mwanamke mwenye alikuwa na relationship na Oliver ako na mimba yako. Hiyo sikubali kabisa. It can’t happen. Huyo mtoto simukubali kabisa. Sahau all about Nana and I will make sure you get Zora.”

Total lie. Kwame tells off her mother. He takes them back to when Zalena advised him to dump Alma for Yolah. He asks him to now mirror the kind of life he is now living. He lost everything. Madiba sinks into thoughts.

Zora Visits Fidi

Fidi requests Zora to take Pipi to her home. She can’t have him at all since the boy has been crying the whole night and cannot withstand his mother’s condition. Zora accepts to do as Fidi request. Zora is so tactical. She manages to calm Pipi and convince him to stay with her. But all comes to a success after Hamida accepts to release him.

Najua ujo brave na ni kitu kuzuri kufightia mama yako. But mama yako hawezi furahia kukuona hivi. Nataka ukuje twende tuishi wote. Alafu tutakuwa tunamvisit kila siku tukikaa na yeye.

Fella and Nana

Fellah had an agreement for him to have Zora and Nana have Madiba. He asks the two to deal with their own issues.

Part 2

Aunty Loretta meets Madiba as she is on her daily running exercise. Madiba breaks the pregnancy truth and distances himself with the deal to have Zora.

Aunty nimekuja tu kukuambia, hiyo mimba Nana amebeba si ya Oliver. Nj yangu.”

This information gives Loretta more strength to fight Nana. She now knows Nana was after wealth since their is no way Oliver could have left all this wealth knowing very well that the pregnancy wasn’t his.

Fellah flashbacks Nana’s information about the pregnancy. The more disturbing part is when Zora was shocked. He also remembers the part of loving Madiba from the look of eyes. Zora arrives home with pipi.

Nana is summoned.

Nana is summoned urgently by Loretta without notifying Milton. Milton is in darkness not even with a clue of what is going on. Nana is presented with papers to sign but she hardly does it. It should be remembered Nana claimed to be OK with signing off everything to do with Oliver.

In this directive Nana claims Loretta is using this to manipulate her. She takes Loretta back to what happened to Madiba and how all had to happen the way it is. Nana shocks Milton with how Loretta pushed for the two to have a relationship. Part two ends living Loretta pointless.

Zora Citizen Tv 23rd December 2021 – Full Episode

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