As Part 2 starts…

We find Zalena discussing the issue with Madiba, Kwame and Loretta. Madiba calls for clarification. Kwame gets painful of his brother’s concerns. He denies Yolah’s accusations.


What is this am hearing about Alma. We went all in church,

We sung for her

Kwame cried till he fell on the floor. Unless they buried a wrong person.

As she is speaking Yolah enters and is welcomed by Milton with a hug infrastructure of everyone.

As they enter the house Milton is sorry for whatever happened. He acknowledges what he did was not right. He asks her to find a place in her heart and forgive him. He will take full responsibility of the child and be ready for DNA when born.

Lawyer enters and pulls out the envelope. He hands over a contract termination form for Yolah. She cries for Milton not to terminate the contract but all in vain. Milton signs the form and gives Yolah her share.

Did the Witchcraft realy work?

Master calls for Zoras help. His wife is diagnosed with kidney problems that requires dialysis. Zora on seeing Her condition she promises to be part of the fight.

She promises to use everything in her power to assist. Milton sees off Yolah and meets Nana. Nana breaks the good news. She is now a free woman. The case was pulled down.

“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to say this,,,, Nana Wanjiru is now a freeeeeee Woman.”

Nana and Milton calls for a celebration. Milton sends everyone out of his father’s mansion in 5 minutes. They enter the house dancing and holding hands.

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