Hodan engages in play within play with Ogola to fool Neema. Neema was just about to disclose the secret the two are hiding in their mission. This could be possible if Neema listened to their conversations as they argued over Wash Wash business.

At Boaz’s House

Boaz is not happy after Talia is Known to Fellah.

“Umefurahi sasa umejulikana.? Si uongee madam strategies,”

Talia is not interested in all this but her wish is to know what fellah said and the message she passed to her father. Boaz refuses to disclose the message in the event he decides to advice here. He says he has no strategies as Talia termed him but he carries enough experience. He sounds his last warning for Talia to stop the revenge or will end up dead.

Madiba follows Zora to Fellah’s Bar

Love forces Madiba to follow Zora into her business. He asks why Zora hates him that much but this sounds nothing to her. She embraced His children because of Nana. Their discussion leads to disclosure of untold information to Madiba. He now knows Nana curries his pregnancy. Zora new this after Nana came to her seeking for advice over the same.

“Nana amemeba mimba ya nani!!!!!,” Madiba is shocked.

He is send to go and sort his issues with Nana.

Neema Dreams making Love to Milton

As it is said one Dreams what is running in his or her mind. Neema sinks into a deep sleep outside in the flower garden but curried back to the dining room with Dreams. He makes Milton comfortable and opens up how sorry she is to him.

“Mwanamume anahitaji kudekezwa, anahitaji mapenzi dibwidibwi, Yafaa asikaripiwe ila azungumziwe kwa sauti nyororo.” In her dream as she is pampering Milton and massaging him Ogola realized the strangeness in the kind of pause she was in.

Ogola to the best of his jock cuts short the sweet dreams Neema was having. She is not happy at all. Zora part 1 ends

Zora citizen tv part 2

Madiba at Nana’s House

“Hii ni game gani unacheza. Unajua nimekuwa nikijiuliza how come uko this comfortable kukaa na watoto wangu.”

This statement hit out Nana’s mind. He asks a question concerning her pregnancy but told off all shall be well and Nana doesn’t require his comfort.

Zora is bored with Madiba and troubled with the secret disclose

Zora is not OK after disclosing the pregnancy without knowing if it was OK for Nana. She feels guilty but regains after Fellah sides with her action. She also opens to her husband how Fellah had the courage following her to the bar.

Pipi is disturbed with her mother’s health condition.

Pipi is overwhelmed with emotions concerning his mother. He asks Hamida to tell her the truth if his mother will die. But Hamida courageously assures him positively.

As the show ends Nana is crazy at Zora. Zoras Citizen Tv part 2 Ends

What to expect in Zora Citizen Tv- 2022

Written Zora Citizen Tv 22nd December 2021 Full Episode

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