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Zora Citizen Tv part 1:

Fellah Surprises Zora: Fellah plans to win Zoras love back to normal with a design. He puts the outfit on the bed which welcomes zora immediately she enters the min door. Fellah asks if she loves the selection but zora remains speechless. In the process he plans an out for his wife in the evening.

Madiba arrival at Boaz’s Home. “You look amazing.” Madiba arrives at Boaz’s House invited by Talia. After entering he is welcomed by the good looking Talia of which he acknowledges as amazing. Talia boasts she had only one hour. She happens to be very happy to receive Madiba since she will use the opportunity to express her real feelings about her love.

Nana apologises: Nana apologises to Kwame after previously reacting and making fun of his impotence condition. She sounds sincerely sorry to Zalena and Zalena.

Madiba denies Talia’s proposal: After Talia promises to cook a meal for a King the next time he will visit, Madiba revokes her. “Unfortunately their won’t be a next time.” He questions what talia is trying to do.

Madiba Denies Talia a Chance.

“Ni nini hii unajaribu kufanya? What are you trying to proof? Your twin sister was the wife to my little blood brother. Ni nini tunafanya hapa?”

Talia tries to explain how she truly feels. Madiba even tries to remind how Talia shot at him making him run aimlessly in the open field. Boaz enters hearing what the two have been discussing.

“Mr Boaz u would like to apologise. Its unlike of me to come to your house without notice. I am sorry. But your daughter anahitaji dakitari. She is not OK.” Madiba speaks and leaves.

Boaz opens to Talia how she has disappointed him. He also calls her as a disgrace to the family. This words pain Talia so much. She stands without saying a single word heading to her room. Talia comes back with a simple luggage ready to leave. Her father had already spoken her piece and she can’t afford to stay back.

“Alma was right, you are an opportunistic lady.” Alma was right.

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Zora Citizen Tv part 2

Madiba tells Kwame how Talia loves him

Madiba opens up to Kwame after coming back from Boaz’s House. He explains why he did not answer the questions he asked before. Kwame thinks this is a prank. He even gives him information of what transpired when he visited believing the two have a hidden agenda. Madiba urges his brother not to entertain Talia anymore.

Fellah and Zora’s Out

Fellah arrives with his wife at the restaurant. He makes Zora a queen by even pulling a chair for her. Fellah welcomes Zora for a meal.

Madiba sinks into thoughts as Nana speaks to him

In the house as Nana explains about the baby shops, Madiba’s mind is switched off long before. Nana notices this but Madiba claim to be tired with a headache.

Zora is not eating: All this time Zora is not eating. She flashbacks how she met Madiba. How the two had tension, but it all turned to a venue for each to express how they love each other. Fellah notices this and questions about what she is thinking. Zora trick Fellah. He decides to feed her.

Madiba on the other side too thinks about Zora.

Madiba Thinking about Zora

Lilah and Filah call their father. Madiba promises to go for them. He seems to be very happy until requesting Neema to let him in the kitchen since he is the one going to prepare breakfast.

Zora is not on bed.

Fellah wakes up only to realise Zora is missing. He calls out but going downstairs the house, Fellah finds Zora sleeping on the Sofa seat. She says she had a headache but did not want to disturb him.

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