On Zora Citizen tv 20th December 2021

Talia meets Zalena

Talia Meets Zalena. Zalena recognises her as Alma and runs way asking her to let her alone. Zalena runs helplessly as she falls on the ground.

Mzee Simba in a discussion are shocked with Zalena’s cry. She is suspected to be hounded by spirits that require prayers. As she gains her consciousness, Zalena meets Kwame collapsed on the bench outside their house.

Madiba realises His daughter’s visited

On the other side at Nana’s House, Madiba receives his daughter’s after waiting for a while. Lila and Filah disclose their visit at Simbas home where they met Zora and Fellah. The girls openly praise Zora for cooking for them and how Fellah is a Funny man.

Madiba sounds to be unsupportive for Nana’s step to visit Zora without consulting him. But Nana’s is a tactic lady. She had no need to consult since Madiba had requested for her intervention to assist win his lover back. Madiba is madly in love with Zora who doesn’t want to give him a chance. Nana tells off Madiba.

Madiba Lastly lacks words to answer back.

Mama Zora Visits

Mama Zora is now using her daughter’s wealth to command respect. She Visits Zora and commands them to make her comfortable. She calls for her own drink from the car.

“Hebu niletee Juice baridi. Hamuoni Boss lady hapa.” She speaks.

Fellah also discuss how to save Master. He points out why it may be difficult to free Master from police custody. This is because of the magnitude of the cases revolving around him. He rests his case to God and Court.

Immediately they finish discussing a strange call from Zora’s father. They are notified of Zalena’s Craziness linked to Alma. Fellah rushes to Boaz’s House and warns him to advice his daughter keep away from his Family.

Fellah warns after opening up to be the owner of Alma’s pregnancy.

Zalena Discuss their experiences after seeing Alma who happens to be Talia. They are left with question marks after the Alma they feared was so calm and Friendly.

Hodan masses the mission

Hodan messes the mission to uncover the wash wash business after disclosing the Wash Wash business to Zora. She is harshly questioned by her commander Ogola as he reminds her how she was to be transferred after messing the previous undercover mission.

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