Zora Citizen Tv Show Written Updates

Fellah’s Home

Immediately Fellah and Zora arrives Home the two receive a call from their Father Simba. He informs Zora about her Mother’s visit. He speaks with humour that doesn’t sound positive to his wife. In the event Zora opens up about the bank deposits she was waiting for from Yolah.

Nana pays Zora a visit with the company of Lilah and Filah. Simba Fellah’s son does a short introduction but this time uses English a thing that impress the parents much.

Simba teaches the two girls some few sheng words. As they enjoy their time, Fellah is watching over them with an alarming thoughtful face.

  • Luku Mbwakni
  • Mbogi genje
  • Mbwxe which means 2
  • Jamo means 1
  • Lakoko which means Coast

At Mama Zora’s house

Madiba now is on the run to get his love. Madiba understands well what Kwame is passing through but leaves him for a while to fight for his love. Madiba after being welcome to Mama Zoras home he gives his right side of the story. He explains how he knew her daughter and the promises they had made.

Loretta too visits and coincidentally meets Madiba. The two happen to be fighting the same agenda which may call for team work in order for each to succeed. Loretta gives Mama Zora a lot of money to win her support.

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