Kwame goes crazy as Milton continues humiliating them.

Todays episode of 17th November hotter than ever.

Loretta meets a nightmare and collapses. Who is she?

As Loretta is on her way she sees Almas twin sister. She doesn’t believe her eyes and faints. A good samaritan picks her up and drops her at Chibale’s gate.

This incident attracts some imagination of who may have done this to Loretta since she left with sound mind coming back unconscious.


Kwame fights Milton

Milton accuses Kwame and his mother Zalena to have known what is going on. Kwame is not pleased at all. He engages in a fight and beats up Milton. This confirms Milton to has no energy. He becomes a Comedian calling for help from Nana. Will Nana really help?

Kwame fighting Milton
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